Projects I've Created or Contributed to


GGGB Is a highly concurrent game server manager and chat bridge. It was designed to bridge chat between games and chat platforms, and currently supports IRC (Discord support planned).

It is my largest and most complex solo project to date, with over 10000 lines of code making up its internals. And multiple mods written for various games to assist in it's duties.


EDMC is a tool that updates various third party sites that provide information about the game Elite Dangerous.

I picked up maintaining the project with @Athanasius in mid-2020, and since then have been working on code cleanup and refactoring.

This Site

This is my first real attempt at a site that both looks good, and has some information on it.

CSS is hard.


Cloudbot is a powerful IRC bot written in python. It has a robust async event driven plugin backbone which even allows for hot reloads of plugins.

Maintained currently by @linuxdaemon. I occasionally write new plugins or assist with backend changes and design.


Tau is a small Go program that runs transforms file names and executes commands with those transformations. I use it to automatically reformat file names and upload them to my server.

Why is it called Tau? I have no idea. First thing that came to mind when I wrote it (like most project names)